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The edition of my speech at TED X Niteroi held in December 2019 arrived in my hands during the middle of the explosive covid-19 pandemic around the world.

I was reluctant to share this experience that took place 3 years ago amid so much perplexity that we were going through at that time. But, nonetheless, I found a way to connect the current situation with the experience reported in this TED.

I talked about what it’s like meeting the unknown and how to deal with it in the face of immobility, pain, and death. The experience of real hospitalization (like the one I experienced) or metaphorical hospitalization (like the one we are going through now) puts us in a state of vulnerability.

But with that vulnerability we are able to free ourselves from the bonds of the high expectations that we set for ourselves, and we start to live a state of openness and availability for what is presented to us. This state of mind was one of the most precious gifts I found in this experience.

It allowed me to let go of the past and what no longer served me, and to welcome in the new. As human beings, this should be our main goal during this experience that we are going through around the world: letting new possibilities of the world lie within us.

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