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Narrative Medicine – Porto

The course on Narrative Medicine held in Porto from January 13th to 18th brought together a set of knowledge meant to deal with contemporary health: bioethics, the processes of communication and interaction with patients, writing, more integrated and participative ways of recording patient history that contain not only the clinical history, but also the aspects of the relationships and reflections…



A piece of life A piece of my life is online. It’s called a thesis. I went to look at the meaning of this word to better understand how I would create and write this work. I found defining words, such as: affirmation, proposition, work to be defended. The thesis Ethics of the Encounter, defended in December 2018, is first…



How can we create a narrative opportunity for multiple languages to discuss health processes? In the terrain where patients walk in hospitals, their rooms full of equipment and technology that witness these silent experiences. In general, what is narrated by the patient will have a place of scientific record that will be rearticulated within an organized medical expression plan.



My book “Good Blends” was launched in 2003 and is now out of print reissued by Editora MMD by the name of “Ethics of Joy in the hospital context”. Since 2003, many possibilities opened up the world of book publishing : the on-demand publishing and eBook decreased production costs, reverting to the reader a lower cover price and greater agility…

We Want to Hear Your Voice

This is one of the stories that @imagemagica helped write. Doctor Anna Bertoldi narrated her vision from the forefront of patient care for Covid-19 and spoke about the emotion of being able to collaborate with the virtual interaction between patients and loved ones.

Connections of Care

What if the anguish of the person that is hospitalized with Covid-19, isolated and restricted from from contact with their family members, living day and night with the uncertainties of the disease, could be alleviated by a virtual visit?

“Feeling is thinking out of ideas and therefore is understanding.” Fernando Pessoa
“One life is short for more than a dream.” Leminski
I let a bird dawn me. "Manoel de Barros"

Health Professionals

“We want to hear your voice to connect to ourselves
We want to hear your voice to witness what our eyes cannot see
We want to hear your voice to know what is urgent to be known
We want to hear your voice to affirm the story and never forget
We want to hear your voice to activate memories of a future to build
Because your voice weaves the story and the story is being written here, now ”

“Help Us to Witness, We Want to Hear Your Voice” is an initiative of the “Project Voices, Health Narratives” that opens space to share real experiences, perceptions and feelings from professionals who are at the forefront in the treatment of patients with Covid-19.
Record your narrative in videos (vertical) with a symbolic time of 3 minutes – but also feel free to use as much time as necessary.
We know that these have been busy days. The simplicity and truth are a gigantic contribution.
With the video recorded, send it via instagram direct or upload it below.