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TED Talks: Jill Sonke

About art and medicine. Check out Jill Sonke’s TED Talks about the important relationship between creative expression and health care for patients with serious medical illness.


Human Documentary

I dreamed of a movie where the power of words magnified the beauty of the world, howArthur Bertrand, photographer and journalist, defines what propelled him to gather for 3 years and 2000s stories of women and men from 60 different countries. Seeking to answer the question “what makes us human?” , Presented us with the voice of the world that…


The collective Espai en Blanc -Barcelona

What is your battle? Develop strategies to disassemble the experimentation of our lives in medical terms. Fight for resizing this therapeutic society that medical illnesses of the empty. Politicizing existence. Challenging the precarious being who lives the internalization of fear. Growing radical gesture that makes us want to be the height of our existence. Fight for a sense of the…


Walt Disney’s & Salvador Dali: Destiny

In this video oneiric images are transformed into a territory conducive to build realities. Dali gives visual contours to words that were not invented. He encourages our desire to dream. I call it “Encounter“, Dali calls it “Destiny“.


Lecture at the University of Minho

Do you know it is when you come back home after a long trip and see family and dear friends for who you want to tell your travel stories? That’s how I felt on this meeting at the University of Minho. Besides the host and affection of all, it was very good to talk about my work over the last twenty…


A new generation of health professionals

It was exhilarating, amid the traffic in a rainy late afternoon in São Paulo, listening to Bruna da Silveira´s graduation speech in Medicine. Her speech witnesses that a new generation of doctors is emmerging. It affirms a medicine intertwisted with relationship, affection and caring as an art. Bruna, thank you for your words, they echo in my mind and invigorate…


Merry Christmas!

Through José Saramago´s voice, an animation based on a story written by the himself. A story about care. How, when everything seems deserted, we can bloom, cross rivers, overcome barriers. About the possibility of changing views, renew relationships, believing in the affections. With Saramago, this is the story we want to tell everyone! Merry Christmas!