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Journal of Health Psychology Vol. 3 No. 4.

Here is the link to full acess to Journal of Health Psychology Vol. 3 No. 4. where the article, written by me together with Susana Caires, Daniel Brandão and Diana Aguiar Vieira, entitled “Confirmatory factor analysis of the Questionnaire on the Health Staff’s Perceptions Regarding Doutores da Alegria’s Interventions” is available for reading and download. Journal of Health Psychology  Vol. 3 No. 4.  


Book: The Ethics of Joy in the hospital context

My book “Good Blends” was launched in 2003 and is now out of print reissued by Editora MMD by the name of “Ethics of Joy in the hospital context”. Since 2003, many possibilities opened up the world of book publishing : the on-demand publishing and eBook decreased production costs, reverting to the reader a lower cover price and greater agility…


Book: Clown’s Solutions – Transforming Reality in Hospitals

Clowns Solutions – Changes in hospital reality are the essence of what occurs when Doutores da Alegria pass through a hospital and meet the characters that are part of this reality . Using stories based in the hospital routine, graphics and scientific language, the book aims to join elements of art and science as resources to broaden the perception on…


Dottori dell’Allegria: Il Sorriso Nelle Pratiche di Cur

Dottori dell’Allegria – the italian version of the book “Clowns Solutions – Transforming reality in hospitals” released in 2009 by the editor La Meridiana. ” A clown and a child meet. The scenario that involves is painted in white and blue. In it there are computerized devices and flashing lights, linked to countless wires that give rhythm to the walk…



This book brings together 49 short stories set in Rio de Janeiro. There are seven different authors, writing seven short stories where the most diverse points of view penetrate deep into the ‘carioca’ (Rio de Janeiro) landscape. But not so relaxed to the point that we fail to see what is universal and what reaches into our daily lives, full…


Articles published

This are two articles that I published in Brazilian magazines in the English version. Check it out in the Link below: What joke is that? Magazine Boca Larga (Caderno dos Doutores da Alegria) – page. 7 – 10. n° 1. 2005. São Paulo – SP Doutores da Alegria Artmed: Qualidade de Vida na Infância e Adolescência – pág. 397 –…



It is with great joy that I am sending you the link to my last article published with Susana Caires, from the University of Minho in Portugal for the Educational Sciences Magazine. The article ‘A pedagogy through a clown’s look in the health context’ speaks of the experience of the Doctors of Joy School in relation to the education of…